Basics – An Introduction to RTS Gaming

I know what most of you are thinking; who plays RTS games anymore? They’re nothing compared to things like FPS games or RPGs. Well first off, if you do not know what an RTS game is, it stands for Real Time Strategy games.

In layman’s terms, these games are closely related to chess. As you would in chess, you need to strategize in order to defeat your opponent. Normally in RTS games, you would be controlling an army of units (similar to chess’s concept) and trying to defeat your opponent’s army.

Most people underestimate RTS gamers. In RTS games, people need to carefully plan out what they need to do for a sure victory. On top of all this, they need to manage an army and know where and how to place them. For instance, there is a game made by Blizzard called StarCraft. It takes place in a space environment setting where you have alien, human, and monster races duking it out for RTS TV APK survival. An RTS gamer would pick a race and make sure that they are the last one standing in the game. There are professional RTS gamers out there for StarCraft that knows how everything works within the game. Normally, when you see an professional RTS gamer play, you’d think that everything is preset in their mind on what to do and their actions on the screen is automated. You are right. Normally, you get good in RTS games by knowing all the possible strategies. It’s just a matter of incorporating it in the game. These RTS gamers can reach up to 100+ APM (actions per minute). This means that they can perform 100 actions in the game in a span of one minute. So you can just imagine all the clicking and the screen changes happening when they play.

I think that these gamers are rare. RTS gamers are usually good in their own niche. For example, you would have a really good RTS gamer in Starcraft and be mediocre player in Warcraft (RTS version, not World of Warcraft). The key to becoming a good gamer is to know the game and all possible strategies within the game. Only then you can apply it to your playing style.


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