Be Like A Private Detective

If you do not want to (or can’t) hire a private detective for a specific purpose, there are things you can do to help you get some results that a PI would be able to get. Read on for some helpful tips on equipment that could help you:

Use Surveillance Equipment

You can hire surveillance equipment that private detectives use. Some of the items you could 尋人 rent could include:

-Tracking devices (GPS)

-Room and equipment bugging systems

-Computer tracking systems

-Video surveillance equipment

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking devices / global positioning systems can help you determine someone’s whereabouts. If you suspected your spouse was being dishonest about something, for instance, or you wanted to protect your teenager with a driver’s license through knowing where they were, you could install a GPS system in a vehicle. These systems can be purchased or to save money, you can rent them as well.

Listening Devices

Ever wish you were a fly on the wall? You can hire listening devices that can help you bug a room, bug a phone line, or even a car on a temporary basis. This equipment can help you discover what’s being said when no one knows you’re listening. You may be able to record this information as well — which could be very useful.

Analyzing Computers

Want to know what websites someone is visiting? Want to know what is being said or recover passwords? Not all instances of this activity are considered moral or even allowed, but there are scenarios where someone could rent or buy this type of equipment or software to use in the work place or in their home.

Surveillance Systems

Want to know what is happening in your house or office when you’re not there? You could elect to rent surveillance equipment that allows you to be like a private detective. Hidden cameras could keep track of your home when you’re away, help give you peace of mind when your young children are left with child minders. There are a lot of instances where people want surveillance equipment to prove or disprove something.

De-Bugging an Area

Worried someone is watching you? You could even rent equipment that helps you debug an area.

Regardless of the reason why you want to be like a private detective, there is a lot of available equipment that can help you get the answers you seek or help give you peace of mind.


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