Best Golf Clubs for Beginners

Unlike many sports, golf requires equipment that is specific to your dexterity. For many years, left handed golf clubs were not readily found in golf shops, but now market competition is great and most sporting good and golf shops handle several left handed club models. Prices have become more reasonable so left handed golfers should have no more problem finding clubs suited for his game than right handed golfers. And women and kids also have a vast selection of clubs offered in stores throughout the country and internet.

So where should the beginning golfer go to find his first set of golf clubs. You really do not know whether you are going to be an avid golfer so you should not spend a lot of money on clubs until you decide that golf will be a passion for you. Used clubs may be the best choice for the beginning golfer. You will not invest a great deal of money in the clubs and can still find a good quality set of clubs. You can find used golf clubs in the classified section of your newspaper, second hand sports shops, some golf stores and the internet. Classified ads and yard sales often provide the best price for used golf clubs and a full set is often offered for sale. These clubs are often lower quality clubs but you may find a good set of clubs reasonably priced through local sales.

Play It Again Sports has used clubs of various quality and at a reasonable price. Golf Galaxy and other golf and sports shops often have areas where brand name used clubs are sold and you may find a good price on a higher quality set of clubs. Internet sales of used golf clubs have become big business over the past 20 years or so. Top golf manufacturers buy and sell their brand of clubs. If you know the brand and model club you like, you can go to a company’s web site and check out used clubs. You are thus able to find name brand used clubs at a fair price. You may also check out eBay and CraigsList on the internet to find used sets from golfers who are selling their Vclub login old sets of clubs. You can even meet the seller and inspect the clubs through CraigsList if you live near the seller.

Cheap, new club sets can be found at discount department stores, such as Wal-Mart, Meijer, Target and other stores. These stores usually have a limited selection of club sets that are not the highest quality but will serve your purpose until you decide if golf is your game. You will also usually find a complete set of clubs, including putter and bag. You usually can find women’s, kids’ and left handed clubs in these stores.

New brand name clubs can be purchased in golf and larger sports stores, at the golf course pro shop or on the internet. You will buy a set of irons, a driver and a fairway wood or two, a couple specialty wedges and putter and bag separately. You may like one company’s irons and another company’s woods or putters. You can mix and match this way and get a set that you are comfortable with. Costs of each component of the set will be higher than if you buy a complete set of clubs, but the quality will be better. You may find discounts at the end of the season or when new merchandise arrives at the store and old stock is cleared off the shelves.

Clone golf clubs are one final option that you may look into if you want to have custom fitted clubs of high quality and you don’t want to pay for advertising, overhead and middleman costs that are passed on in the price of the brand name clubs. You can find clone golf clubs at local club makers, some golf shops and on the internet. Be sure that the club heads are made of 17-4ph stainless steel or 431 stainless steel or titanium. Beware of cheaper irons made of zinc and woods made of titanium alloys (only trace amounts of titanium will be found). Many brands and styles of shafts and grips can be bought and custom fit for your height, strength, flexibility, and grip size. Savings of up to 75% from suggested retail costs can be realized. Even with upgraded shafts and grips, savings of 60% are typical.

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