Canadian Magazines That you can Enjoy!

There are millions of magazines out there and while most of them are American and they seem to be the most well-known, other countries are close behind when it comes to quality publications catering to the people who live there. Canada is one country that has been steadily putting out magazines that are popular in other countries but do a very thorough job of catering to the needs and wants of Canadians The Gorila. In the past, Canadians had to settle for American publications that covered topics that were not very relevant to their neighbors in the north. When it came to fashion, most of the stylish items featured in the pages could not even be bought in Canada and the topics of the feature stories were so far out in left field that they might as well have been fiction! Today, with so many Canadian magazines hitting local shelves, we can read stories that are about the people who live here, buy clothing that is available at our local malls and enter contests and clip coupons that can be used in local retail stores.

When it comes to Canadian magazines, the choices are now endless and there are multiple publications to suit the interests if everyone Net Jeb. Whether you’re interested in sports, fashion, photography, nature, homemaking or decorating, you can find the magazine you are looking for in almost every convenience store, grocery store, book store and drug store in any town or city in the country! Here are some examples of the poplar magazines you can choose from if it is Canadian content you are looking for:

Canadian Geographic is the sister publication of American National Geographic. It also covers topics such as environmental issues, nature, and human interest from all over the world but has a distinctive Canadian feel to it when it comes to covering the important issues happening from East to West Bitly USA. There are quite a few new trends in the news and news media industry in 2012, we see new pay-walls, and custom tailored web news for those with eReaders, Tablet Computers, and accessing their news on their mobile tech devices such as; Android, iphone, or some other smart phone model. It seems also that the ebook and eReader are also evolving, allowing for more multi-media version and new models of eReaders to allow for eTextBooks too. Okay so let’s talk about all this for a moment, as i have a few forward looking thoughts on all this new technology.

The weekend Wall Street Journal Nick named; “WSJ Weekend Edition” seems to be taking a note from the Popular Mechanics Magazine format with its; “Ideas Market” section which appears on page 3 of each week’s weekend edition vents Today. Not surprisingly, also Bloomberg is moving towards this type of fast-paced format for their tech topics. Why you ask? Because it works, it’s been proven, and folks like to get their information with quick bites of information and pictures. They can read it fast, and they very much enjoy that format.

Okay so, if humans like the uptake of information in this way, then why don’t we create the new eTextbooks in a similar format with multimedia? Well, it just so happens that it appears that Apple is attempting to do just that, and I believe that’s a good thing, rather than giving students a large textbook which reads like an encyclopedia. In that case they don’t really need to memorize the information, they just need the textbook for later reference, do you see my point?

Further, there is some information which we need to know, and some which we don’t, having it all spread out nicely with quick little important pieces of information, which is about all a human being can really remember anyway, is probably the proper way to do it for informational uptake and rote memorization. The other day, I was discussing all this with a retired educational psychologist on the different ways that people learn. Custom tailoring information for faster learning, imprinting, and individual preference sure makes a lot more sense than what we’ve been doing.

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