Creating a Product Package Using JVManager

Creating my first package in JVManager was a lot simpler than I expected. The first thing that I needed to understand was the difference between a package and a product. A package is a product or group of products that are available together as a package. The products populate the package.

Creating the package involves telling the program where the homepage is located, the address of the autoresponder where you want your customer added, and which affiliate program the product belongs to, if any. You define the templates for your order pages, or use the default. custom mech mods Last, you choose how you will accept payments, and your package is created.

Setting up the products within the package is just as easy. You give the program the url of the sales page, define your commissions for your affiliate program, choose a delivery method and give the url of the thank you page, and set your price and payment information.

The JVManager program works seamlessly with paypal, as well as other popular payment processors to take your payments, set up recurring payments, and automatically deliver your product. Setting up paypal was only a matter of giving my paypal email address and clicking an option in paypal to return the purchaser to jvmanager when the payment is complete. Everything else is done by the JVManager script.

Another great feature is that the program delivers my product by copying my thank you page and creating a download page at a URL that expires in 24 hours. This automatically protects me from theft by those who would give out the download location. It also limits the downloads from the URL.

One tip I should mention is that you need to give complete URLs for all images and links on the thank you page. Since this page is copied and moved to a new location, the images will not show up and the links may be broken if you do not give the full URL.

Using this program has been much easier than I expected. The more I get into it, the more amazed I am at the power of this script and the benefits that it offers to my business. I highly recommend JVManager1 as a reasonably priced internet business management solution.



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