Earn Steady Income Writing Online

There are no easy ways to earn a steady income from writing. Just like any other job, to earn a steady income from writing, you have to work hard and persevere till you attain success. If you are looking to earn a decent steady writing income, you will do yourself a service by starting to write right away.

Write About anything and everything you possibly can. Build up your portfolio of samples. Get in the groove of writing. Earning a writing income online can only become steady if you write consistently every day. Therefore, start writing now and keep at it. Freelance writing jobs are plenty in the online market. Do not take heart yet as the competition for the jobs is tough. You will be competing not only with good writers but also writers who are willing to provide low fee writing services. As such, only a good portfolio can help you land a writing assignment.

Search Engine Optimize your articles

SEO cannot be emphasised enough reddit essay writing service for an online writer. If you look for article writing jobs you will find that most clients require you to be able to write in a way that is SEO optimised. Start by writing your article in your own word first. Then, understand the gist of your work and check out the keywords that are popularly used by the masses to search on major search engines. Google Keyword Tool will be a good starting point. Not only will you be able to understand the demand for your topic but also find variations of what people are actually searching for pertaining to your topic.

Write for non-profit causes

Writing for non-profit causes itself will not provide any income for you. What benefit you will get from writing for is that you get exposure. People will read your work and you will be appreciated. Usually, the non-profit organization will let you put a by-line with your bio-data at the end of the article. Here, you can state your freelance writing services, blogs or websites. You can then leverage on this aspect to build a list of readers; you reach a wider audience. You never know who might pick up your work and ask you for your services.


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