English Bulldog Puppy – Tips on What You Must Do When You Get Him Home For the First Time

English Bulldog Puppy – Tips on What You Must Do When You Get Him Home For the First Time

So you have decided Frenchie for sale on a Bulldog puppy. Congratulations.

You must do certain things and purchase certain things to ensure he settles in as quickly as possible. Like any puppy he will be nervous of his new home and missing his mum and his brothers and sisters.

Where is your puppy going to sleep? I would suggest whilst he is young that a room with a hard non porous floor should be your choice. Accidents will be inevitable and you don’t want to have to continually be on your hands and knees scrubbing the carpet. The breeder may tell you that he is house trained but the upset of the move to his new home can make him relapse. We use baby stair gates to ensure we can keep our puppy in one place if we need to.

What is he going to sleep on?

Please buy a plastic bed for you puppy. He will be testing his teeth on everything and a wicker bed will be demolished in a couple of days. Ensure the bed is plenty big enough as well. Your Bulldog puppy will grow really quickly and will soon outgrow the smaller puppy beds that are available. Cover his bed with plenty of washable blankets. I use specially made dog blankets that have rubber on one side and a man made fleece like fabric on the other because they are machine washable and come out of the spin dryer almost bone dry.

Food bowls?

Buy a couple of big round stainless steel bowls for your puppy. They are non chewable, long lasting and more hygienic.

Are you looking to show your puppy in the future?

If so you may want to invest in a dog crate as soon as well as dog bed. Dog crates are made of thick wire and are collapsible when not in use but are invaluable when taking your dog to a show. Get the puppy used to the crate as soon as you can so that when you put him in it in a car he will feel comfortable and relaxed.

Puppy Proof Your Garden.

This is common sense really. Bulldogs rarely wander but all puppies are inquisitive so ensure your fence is secure with no holes in it especially low down at ground level. Place some fine wire mess low down on any wrought iron gates. If you have a swimming pool ensure it is securely covered as although bulldogs can swim they are not as able as other breeds.

Jenni Hadlow has been a bulldog owner and breeder for many years as well as being an internet marketeer.


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