Glistening Marvels of the Golden Triangle Tour

Glistening Marvels of the Golden Triangle Tour

Among the various regions in India, the north is usually travelled more extensively. Especially during the winter, travel in north India becomes more comfortable and enjoyable. Among the several tour options, the Golden Triangle Tour is the most travelled and preferred circuit for the leisure traveler.

The Golden Triangle Tour has been designed to only Andaman Tour Package include three major cities. However, this short tour has enough to keep you regaled for several days on end. Each city is so unique and complex that there is great scope within each one. The Golden Triangle is a wonderful tryst with culture, history and the varied lifestyle of India.

The conventional tour of the Golden Triangle usually begins at Delhi. Delhi is the capital city of India, and incorporates elements of varied proportions. Old Delhi continues to remain content with its old world charm. The tiny, winding lanes which have tiny shops that sell merchandise and food are bright and colorful, and there is little influence modern architecture saves for a few places. Perhaps the most appropriate example of this is in Chandni Chowk which is spilling with interesting purchases and teeming with enthused crowds. There are several imposing structures which date back to the Moghul era. Representations of this age are still extremely popular tourist attractions, and these include the Red Fort and Jama Masjid. New Delhi, in contrast has a significant Victorian feel. The buildings are much younger, and strongly reflect the influence of the British Raj. Victorian buildings with impressive design still have the authority the British once enjoyed, and their buildings stand tall and unspoilt. The political stronghold, Delhi has several areas which are demarcated for political activity. These include residences for ministers and members of parliament, the parliament itself, and the stately residences for the prime minister and president. There is also the Supreme Court, and a separate area which has been taken shape as a diplomatic enclave.

Just a couple of hours away by road, the city of Agra is the next spot. This city is a delight for travelers and displays an array of sights, each bettering the previous one. The most popular and beautiful among them all is the Taj Mahal, the unequivocal ode to love. This monument is a photographer’s delight, and what appears to be a simple monument in white transforms every photograph with varied expressions. Other wonders of Agra include the Agra fort, and the city of Fatehpur Skiri which makes for an amicable neighbor.

The last city is Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. The pink city is a gay experience of liveliness and joy. Rajasthan basks in its native simplicity, and has a profound effect without making any effort. The Hawa Mahal, the Jantar Mantar and the City Palace make for some of the most popular sights. The Amber Fort is a tour in itself, experienced best with a ride on an elephant all the way to the gates. You cannot leave this city without a taste of traditional Rajasthani cuisine, and buying several handicrafts and weaves that Rajasthan is famous for.

It is time to pack your bags and get going. Your ticket to immortal treasures on the Golden Triangle tour awaits you.


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