Goldfinger Movie Review – Starring Sean Connery, Honor Blackman, and Gert Frobe

“Goldfinger” is my favorite James Bond film. The movie is a tour de force in action and adventure which set the standards for many upcoming Bond films. Sean Connery is superb as Bond, as is Gert Frobe as Goldfinger, the infamous gold tycoon who will stop at nothing to carry out his evil plan of worldwide financial domination. “Goldfinger” is fast-paced, with dozens of trademark high-tech gadgets as well as beautiful women and breathtaking scenery.

James Bond (Sean Connery) is given a mission to observe Goldfinger (Gert Frobe), an international businessman whom his headquarters in London suspect of fraud. Bond’s first contact with Goldfinger is in Miami over the intercom of his associate Jill Masterson, whom Bond seduces and who shortly afterward gets killed and covered with gold paint.

Bond officially meets Goldfinger at a golf club. Once Goldfinger learns that Bond is a spy who is trying to interfere with his illegal business, he threatens him by having Oddjob decapitate a statue. Bond chases Goldfinger in his modified Aston Martin, given to him by headquarters. The chase leads him to Auric Enterprise, which turns out to be a secret plant where he finds Goldfinger casting a Rolls-Royce in gold, which he is using to smuggle the gold. He also overhears Goldfinger using the words “Project Grandslam”.

Shortly thereafter, Bond is caught and taken to a room where he is strapped to a table made of gold with his legs stretched apart. Goldfinger shines an industrial laser between his legs, which slowly moves up toward his crotch. Bond is able to get Goldfinger to spare his life by leading him to believe that he knows of Project Grandslam and that his headquarters will replace him with 008 if he fails to report. Goldfinger turns off the laser, but has him knocked unconscious and kidnapped aboard his private plane, flown by his pilot Pussy Galore.

Bond is taken to Goldfinger’s ranch download mega888 apk in Kentucky and imprisoned in the cellar, but he manages to knock the guard unconscious and sneak up to the grill to listen in on Goldfinger’s lecture about Project Grandslam, which he delivers to several American criminals, each of whom are collaborating with him. It turns out that Goldfinger plans to break into Fort Knox and supposedly steal its $15 billion worth of gold.

Shortly after delivering his lecture, he has his associates killed with his Delta 9 nerve gas. One of his associates, who’d backed out, ends up getting killed by Oddjob and the car he sits in gets compressed into a small cube. Bond learns that Goldfinger does not plan on removing the gold from Ft. Knox, but instead set off an atomic bomb, making the gold radioactive for 58 years, causing economic chaos in the west, while the value of his gold increases by at least ten times.

Bond manages to foil Goldfinger’s plan to have Pussy Galore cooperate with him by seducing her, whence she tells Bond’s associate Felix Leiter to substitute the Delta 9 which Goldfinger had planned to use to kill the troops stationed outside Ft. Knox with a harmless gas, whence they fake their deaths.

Once Goldfinger and his crew break into Ft. Knox, the troops enter armed to stop them. Meanwhile, Goldfinger has Bond chained to the atomic bomb and sets it to go off. Bond manages to find the guard with the key, recover the key, and release himself. Meanwhile, Oddjob tries to kill him with his hat, but Bond gets the hat and eventually uses it to electrocute Oddjob. Bond then tries frantically to deactivate the bomb. Eventually a bomb expert enters along with Leiter and deactivates the bomb with seven seconds remaining, the indicator reading 007.

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