Innovation at Its Best – Top Samsung Phones 2009!

We have arrived into the year 2009. Much has changed. In fact everything has changed through a certain degree. Even technology has changed and the way people do their tasks has passed through great modifications. And, for that matter, the communication pattern has also transformed in an extraordinary manner. Face to face communication shifted to landline phones which again has shifted to the mobile phones. These handheld gadgets have also met changes largely. Samsung is one of the producers working for changing the mobile phones by embedding new features in them. The Samsung mobile phones have been coming with nice updated features and help the users in getting a nice experience through the gadgets. A few of the top gadgets from the brand launched recently include Samsung D900, Samsung Renown, Samsung Instinct and Samsung A517. samsung 55au7700

The Samsung D900 comes with a weight as low as 2.99 ounces. Length of the gadget is 4.07 mm, breadth is 2 mm and height is found to be 51 mm. It is a slider phone supporting frequency bands of 850, 900, 1800 and 1900. The TFT screen in this Samsung phone offers an attractive display and it also provides a screen resolution of 240 x 320. With the presence of all these display features the D900 is very well able to provide an adoring display for the user to view. In addition to the nice display features, the Samsung D900 also has a music player capable of playing MP3, AAC, AAC+ and e-AAC+ format files. With the capability to play all these formats of files, the gadget is a very good means to meet nice entertaining experience. Web browsing capability is also provided in the D900 with the presence of the GPRS and EDGE features. A camera of 3 megapixel comes in the Samsung D900 so that one can quench his or her thirst for photography. This camera is very attractive and the snaps captured by it are also very adoring in quality and clarity.

Another of the Samsung mobile phones is the Samsung Renown which measures 98.3 x 49.5 x 17.5 mm in dimensions and weighs 115 gm. The gadget has 2.2 inches of TFT display using 256K colours for producing a beautiful display on the screen. This gadget also has web browsing ability as it has the GPRS and EDGE features in it, through which users can enjoy the world of internet in their hand. The device has a 2 MP camera which offers a nice tool for getting nice snaps and videos as well. Other smart features include an emailing option among the messaging supports provided by the gadget.

We have one more device from Sasmung called the Samsung Instinct. The predominant touch-screen device sports a thin candy-bar shape that measures a portable 4.57 inches by 2.17 inches by 0.49 inch. It offers slight sturdy feeling with the weight being 4.4 ounces. Display screen being of 3.1 inches, it offers a great means to produce an attractive display. GPS is present aiding one to get through strange places in a comfortable manner and also the web browser offers a means to go through the world of internet. Like other Samsung phones, it also has a cool calender and an alarm clock which both, along with the organiser offer excellent support to you to live in an organised manner. Batteries of all Samsung mobile phones, being brought in the year 2009 are of extremely nice quality; with their long battery backup support and durable battery life. These gadgets are one of the most ‘in demand’ electronic items of the current times and will be, until something comes to replace them. They have really been changing and will be changing as well, the way of life of the people.


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