Laser Pointers: Not SciFi Anymore

Lasers were once considered the stuff of science fiction, but today they are about as common as a flashlight. Large, powerful lasers are often used in scientific research and study, and they are also very common sites in today’s modern surgery centers and hospitals. However, laser technology has progressed to the point where it is becoming more common in everyday devices, and laser pointers are one of the most popular applications for this technology. These small, hand-held variations are simple to use and have a variety of uses.

Laser pointers get their name because of their original function, which was to be an easy way to point to an object from far away. Lasers are ideally suited for this activity because the high-energy, focused beam sci-fi games pc allows the light to travel great distances without dissipating, as would a more conventional flashlight. The effective distance can vary from pointer to pointer, depending on the configuration of the laser. Most low-powered lasers (those under 5mW) can be effectively used from dozens of yards away, making them perfect for indoor applications such as for classroom teaching and business presentations. These pointers are generally inexpensive and can be found through numerous sources, including office supply and electronics stores.

Low-power pointers are not the only option available to consumers these days. Blue and green lasers, some with more than 100mW of power, can be purchased through specialty dealers, both locally and online. These pointers are especially powerful, some of which are so bright they can be used to point out celestial bodies in the night sky. However, these same lasers can also be dangerous, as many of them have enough light energy to melt plastic, burn holes in clothing, and do significant damage to a persons vision should they be unfortunate enough to have one directed at their eye. Such devices have caused a great deal of controversy, as many consumer safety advocates have cited the inherent dangers that can occur when these lasers are used in an inappropriate manner.

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