The Rise of Remote Work and its Impact on SME’s

The term “telecommuting” has been criticized in the past. Telecommuting is where you work from home and not in an office. Many businesses, including SMEs were not too confident about this. After all, it’s impossible to predict how productive someone will be if they’re not under direct supervision. Many bosses mistakenly associate working at home with low productivity.

Things are beginning to change. Why? The reason? While America and Europe are still far behind, America and Europe are not far behind. However, colleagues from the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America are beginning to embrace remote work. With 1.3 billion people owning smart phones or other smart devices, it is becoming more accessible than ever. By next year, Asia-Pacific businesses will have more than 870 million virtual employees.

Remote working could be more beneficial for your SME

Remote working can actually improve productivity and not cause it. Remote working can offer many workers more flexibility and happiness, if they have the right support. Many companies don’t realize that flexible working is required for employees who have worked for the company for six months.

With cloud-based software and smart devices, we now have the remote work burnout statistics technology to make it a success. We can stay connected longer than if our office was actually there. Without this technology, remote or flexible working would not be possible. Small to medium-sized businesses can also use the technology to outsource rather than hire someone directly. This reduces overall costs.

How SMEs deal with remote working

Remote working is not an option for all businesses, especially small and medium-sized ones. There are many practical considerations to consider before you offer remote work to your employees. It is easy to forget that a staff member is absent in larger companies. This is not true for smaller businesses.

Remote working requires a consistent and fair policy. You must also organize it well. You must make the most out of all technology available to you, including smartphones, tablets, and the connectivity of cloud computing. Your organisation also needs the technology to bring it all together.

Remote working for your SME

An employee’s productivity was measured by how much time they spend in the office. This is no more the case. Their work is the best measure. Remote working can make life easier for employees, and increase productivity for your business. This is especially important for people who struggle to balance work and family.

It is up to you to make sure everyone is treated equally and that output is tracked. Remote work requires the right tools and the ability to teach others how to use them. This includes having the right technology, such as tablets, smartphones and laptops, and having access to IT helpdesk so that your employees can communicate with one another more effectively, no matter where they may be.

Remote working is becoming more popular. Many SMEs see it as a positive way to work.

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