Twilight – A Spiritual Interpretation of the Movie Based on Stephanie Meyer’s Bestselling Novels

8 Unconventional spiritual films you can stream with a library cardIn the 2008 movie, “Twilight”, based on Stephanie Meyer’s best selling fictional Twilight series books, Kirsten Stewart plays Bella Swan, a high school junior spiritual awakening movies who moves to the small town of Forks, Washington in the Pacific North West to live with her father who is the town Police Chief. She chooses to move in with her dad so that her mother can travel with her new husband. She is a quiet, introspective teenager who feels different from the local teens. She meets Jacob black, played by Taylor Lautner, and they become fast friends. Jacob’s heritage is Native American of the Quileute tribe in La Push, Washington.

Once in school, she encounters Edward cullen, played by Robert Pattinson, who is a “vegetarian” vampire because he feeds on the blood of animals and not humans. Edward rescues Bella from a collision with a van and demonstrates inhuman strength. Then Bella realizes that Edward is a vampire after a conversation with Jacob, who is a shape shifter or werewolf. The ensuing story includes the two falling in love and Edward fighting his vampire instinct and desire to kill her. Jesus Christ himself was called insane. He was said by the religious authorities of His day who were able to recognize spiritual phenomena to be possessed by Satan himself! He was so good at His healing, and was such a profound Teacher, that His popularity had Him slaughtered by a people whose Religion was being seriously threatened. Yet a billion people on earth now follow His humble teachings. It is amazing that one crazy prophet in ancient Israel could have such a great effect of the population of the world. Yet in His day even He was called insane.

More insane however, is the scientific community who trains the modern Psychiatrists of the world, who though an adamant refusal to have faith in the unseen world, miss treat their patients who are often traumatized by very evil voices. I am not sure that the doctors really know that by telling their patients that they are delusional and not really hearing real voices, is doing massive emotional and spiritual damage to the people that they treat. I hope what I have to say, here and what the movie says in its content might break through this wall of resistance that they have to the Supernatural things of this world.

I mean, even the basic human emotion of love, is still being explored by the world, and though it is real, and can be proven to be really existing in the world, it is still a mystery that millions of songs are written about each year by musicians, and millions of novels are written and read with love as its theme. Even love, is not understood with thousands and thousands of songs recorded about it making the top 40 on the charts, but the subject of the Supernatural is still largely discredited by the scientific community.

Our film starts with a young pretty lady who suddenly goes from being a normal young lady to one that has hundreds of voices speaking in her head. This causes her terrible anxiety and like all things not understood lands her in a Psychiatric Institution. However with all the Hospitals knowledge, nothing can be done with their drugs to stop the hundreds of voices in the young ladies head, and as you hear the voices in her head on the film it might bring tears to your eyes if you suffer from what doctors label as Schizophrenia. Then one day a man turns up that seems to know all about the young lady. He takes her out of the Institution and shows her that she is not really insane and crazy, but instead she is tremendously gifted. He struggles to show her that what had her locked up for nine years, five of which where she had not seen her own family, was not an illness, but simply a gift, that if she embraced and trained herself to properly overcome its down side, could be used for great good.

He said to the young lady that both Nostradamus one of the world most accurate prophets who has predicted the future about many things, and the infamous Joan of Ark who helped the French Army in victory, both had the same gift as her. He said that the gift was called Telepathy and were not just scrambled voices in her imagination, but were the actual thoughts of other people. She could read minds! However without proper control of these hundreds of voices and the ability to block them all out at will, her own method of blocking them out was not good enough for her to be able to ever function in regular society.

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