What Television Show T Shirts Will You Be Wearing In 2011?

The thing about t-shirts is, they are cheap to buy (in most places), cheap to make, suit everyone and can be worn by people from all walks of life quite comfortably. They have been around for a century or so and have gone from being just underwear to a symbolic fashion item.homeland project free tv  People have been trying to come up with designs for t shirts for years that will strike a chord in as many people as possible in order to make a lot of sales. One way of making a t shirt which people will want to buy or will enjoy seeing you wearing, is with a t shirt bearing the logo or a snap shot of a television show which is popular at the moment.

2011 will be a big year for a number of television shows that have done really well this year. Big shows get millions of regular viewers who will be happy to sport t shirts with their favourite shows on them, partly to show their support but also because they want other people to know that they are fans.

Top Gear

Top Gear has been growing in popularity since it changed its format a few years ago. The line up of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond have been all over the world test driving the world’s greatest cars and competing in crazy races. This mixture of jokes and motoring mayhem have been very popular and with their new series coming up in 2011 you can be sure that a Top Gear funny t shirt would sit nicely in your families biggest Top Gear fan’s stocking.

X Factor

The biggest singing contest in the world is one which has been incredibly popular, making it one of the most watched programs on the tough slot on Saturday night. The quality of singing and the exciting results has made it irresistible viewing for many. 2011’s contest may be some way off yet but with every step of the way followed by keen eyed cameras you can be assured that any men’s funny t shirts with a Simon Cowell catchphrase on it or even X Factor novelty t shirts with the judges heads on them or something will be a big seller next year.

If you are a fan of either of these shows and you wear t-shirts (should cover just about everyone) then you will find it easy to see that 2011 will be a big year for these shows and that if you wanted to you could show your support by wearing their t-shirt.

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